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Apart from manufacturing and selling plant protection machinery, Sino-Agri FengMao Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd, as a subsidiary of Sino-Agri Leading Bioscience Co.,Ltd (stock code: 603970), also collaborates with Sino-Agri Leading Bioscience's business advantages in paddy fields, Mid-mountains, and orchards to form an advanced medicine and machinery integration. To deliver professional plant protection services to the majority of customers by utilizing cutting-edge spraying technology and machinery.


According to user needs, the Sino-Agri FengMao Plant Protection Service team currently has ten fixed-wing manned aircraft with a payload of 150L, 50 plant protection drones with a drug loading capacity of 10kg, and five traditional ground protection planters with a drug load of 1000L. Complete the biological control of paddy fields, wheat, Mid-mountains, orchards, and forestry with reasonable collocation, high-quality, and high-efficiency.