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Agricultural clothing

Agricultural clothing

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  Zhongnong Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells plant protection machinery. As a subsidiary of Zhongnong Lihua (stock code: 603970), Zhongnong Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. cooperates with Zhongnong Lihua's business advantages in paddy field, Mid-levels, and orchards to form an advanced medicine and machinery unit. Mode, and through the application of advanced spraying machinery and technology, to provide customers with professional plant protection services.

  At present, the Zhongnong Fengmao Plant Protection Service team has 10 fixed-wing manned aircraft with a payload of 150L, 50 plant protection drones with a drug loading capacity of 10kg, and 5 conventional ground protection planters with a drug load of 1000L, according to user needs. , With reasonable collocation, high-quality, high-efficiency to complete the biological control of paddy fields, wheat, Mid-levels, orchards and forestry.