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Company Profile

  Sino-Agri FengMao Plant Protection Machinery Co. LTD

  Sino-Agri FengMao Plant Protection Machinery Co., LTD. is a large plant protection machinery company with a focus on technology development, manufacturing, and sales support. For many years, its well-known plant protection brand "dongfanghong" has received widespread appreciation and recognition in both domestic and international markets and plant protection systems. Fengmao Plant Protection, formerly known as Beijing FengMao Plant Protection Machinery Factory has a 50-year history. It invented and manufactured the first knapsack sprayer in China, which won the second medal for scientific and technology progress at the first science and technology conference in 1978. In 2008, FengMao plant protection formed a strategic partnership with Spain's FEDE and ID-DAVID enterprises, with the goal of bringing internationally advanced mechanized products throughout the orchard.

  The company's current product line consists mostly of big and medium-sized self-propelled boom sprayers, mounted and trailed boom sprayer series, and air-blast high efficiency remote spray machine. Orchard mechanization items include self-propelled orchard sprayers, mounted and trailed type air-blast orchard sprayers, and orchard mechanization products. The use of international advanced hydraulic technology, air curtain assistive technology, GPS variable spray and spray computer control technology, combined with international advanced sensor control system, green plant protection, and international advanced sensor control system, the working effect of its products and work efficiency have reached an international advanced level. Sino-Agri FengMao is one of the most comprehensive plant protection machinery producer in China, as well as a supplier of orchard mechanization equipment. Regardless of scale strength, product level, after-sales service, or visibility, reputation, and other significant indications, We are among the forefront of the same industry in China.