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  Zhongnong Lihua Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plant protection machinery manufacturer integrating technology development, manufacturing and sales services. Its predecessor was Beijing Plant Protection Machinery Factory, which had a history of 50 years and designed and manufactured China's first backpack sprayer. “Oriental Red” as the famous plant protection machinery brand owned by the company has won wide acclaim in the domestic and foreign markets and plant protection system for many years, and won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in the first science and technology conference in 1978.

  The company has 22 effective patent technologies, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and 3C certification, and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2010. It is a member of the Plant Protection Machinery and Application Technology Professional Committee of the China Plant Protection Society and the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association. “Standing governing units, governing units of the China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, and governing units of the National Agricultural Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Experiment Promotion and Application Collaboration Network”. In 2006, it won the first prize of the Ministry of Education for scientific and technological advancement. In 2013, the technology project of “Efficient Reduction of Precision Application Technology and Equipment Development and Application” won the first prize of “China Agricultural Science and Technology Award” of the Ministry of Agriculture, which filled the blank of the domestic plant protection machinery industry.

  The company's products mainly include independent development and introduction and digestion of two parts. The self-developed products include small self-propelled high-stem crop sprayer sprayers, self-propelled dry-field sprayer sprayers, self-propelled fruit rinsing machines, air-feeding high-efficiency remote sprayers, suspension and trailing sprayer sprayers, and Electronic moth killing lamp, projected insecticidal lamp, projectile type insect tester and so on. The introduction and cooperation with foreign companies to produce products include large high-gap self-propelled high-stem crop sprayer sprayers, large self-propelled dry field paddy field dual-use sprayer sprayers, and self-propelled dry field sprayer sprayers. The product adopts international advanced hydraulic walking technology, computer spray control technology, air curtain auxiliary technology, and equipped with GPS variable spray, variable wheel distance, pest control effect and work efficiency all reach the internationally advanced level. Zhongnong Lihua Fengmao is currently the most comprehensive plant protection machinery manufacturing enterprise in China, and its main indicators of scale strength, product level, popularity and after-sales service rank among the top in the industry in the country .