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  In the middle of June of this year, at the invitation of American Aike Corporation, China National Association of Machinery Manufacturers, Chen Zhi, and China’s agricultural machinery enterprises such as China One Tractor, Lovol Heavy Industry, Shandong Wuzheng, Case New Holland (China), and Kele Shou (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Leaders went to Finland, France and Germany to inspect the AGCO Group's AGCO engine plant in Linnavuori, Finland, and the Valmet tractor plant in Suolahti, Finland. They are located at the Beauvais tractor factory in Paris and near Marktoberdorf in Germany. Fent tractor factory.

  Since 1990, AGCO has achieved rapid development through resource integration. AGCO's sales in 2016 were approximately US$7.4 billion (49.87 billion yuan), which was lower than John Deere (157.41 billion yuan) and Case New Holland (170.47 billion yuan). It is the world's top three agricultural machinery manufacturers. It owns many famous brands such as Challenger, Fent, Massey Ferguson, Valmet and Gu Rui.

  The delegation also communicated with the leaders of the French Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. in Paris. One to the French company's production of advanced tractor power shift gearbox, power reversing device, etc., for the trailer of the Group's high-end tractor industrialization and autonomy provides an important guarantee, but also greatly shortened the development process of China's power shift tractor. Chairman Chen Zhi praised the French company as a banner for the “going out” of agricultural machinery companies.

  Visit excellent agricultural machinery manufacturing plant

  AGCO Power is AGCO Group's sole engine manufacturing company. It manufactures diesel engines for tractors and harvesters. Its power ranges from 50 hp to 650 hp and its annual output of diesel engines is 50,000. It also has the ability to remanufacture diesel engines. The company emphasizes the definition of supply based on customer needs and increases production efficiency through modular design. Aike Power has a top-level flexible automated production and processing system. The machining accuracy of the 3-meter-scale axis can reach 0.015 millimeters. The technological advantages of the enterprise are mainly concentrated on the development and research of tractor interface applications, post-discharge treatment technology research, and electronic control technology research.

  The AGCO Changzhou plant is part of the AGCO engine plant. Product R&D and process management are fully synchronized with European plants, with advanced technologies and products. The localization rate of Changzhou factory's products has exceeded 70%. According to the head of Aike Engine Factory, the cost of manufacturing diesel engines in China has been reduced by 30%, and there is no problem in the manufacturing capacity and technical level of component suppliers. The quality control of parts and components companies needs to be further improved compared to European factories. . All of the diesel engines produced by the AGC Changzhou plant are currently exported. They hope to provide diesel engines with good performance for Chinese agricultural machinery companies.

  The Valmet Tractor Plant in Swerałki, Finland has a net sales of 935 million euros in 2016. Tractors producing 50-405 hp, power shifts and CVT tractors account for 20% of sales. Their tractors have advanced technical features and product features such as two-way steering, side-viewing cab, automatic suspension adjustment, and multi-function front loading.

  With more than 2,100 employees, the Mason Ferguson plant in Beauvais, France, can produce a high-powered tractor in 7 minutes. It has excellent gearboxes, rear axles, and hydraulic lift systems. It is the best-selling brand in the world of wheeled tractors. one. The company also produces 496 hp corn combine harvesters, animal husbandry machinery, plant protection machinery, sugar cane harvesters and other farm machinery products, and has extensive versatile farmland operation solutions as well as comprehensive and high quality product lines.

  The Fent tractor factory includes the Paisheimheim plant in Asbach, Germany, the Hornheimer-Melsen factory in Germany, the Marktoldorf plant in Germany, and the Breganz plant in Italy. We visited the Marktoberdorf plant. . Fent tractor factory is the leader of infinitely variable speed technology. They introduced stepless variable speed tractors in 1995. At present, the company's products are all four-wheel drive continuously variable speed tractors. Fent company thinks that the field of tractors is a world of infinitely variable speed after twenty years. Fent's 1050Vario tractor achieves 517 horsepower and is a representative of today's high-end tractors. Fent's products also include 850 horsepower silage harvesters, 496 hp grain combine harvesters and other products.

  Provide Smart Farm Machinery Equipment for Agriculture 4.0

  During the inspection, we exchanged with the European counterparts the technological development trend of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment. AGCO's current product research focuses on two aspects. One is the research of clean and green agricultural machinery products, and the other is the research and development of smart agricultural machinery products. Europe will begin to implement Euro IV emission standards for diesel engines in 2019, and research on exhaust emissions technologies (reducing particulate matter) will be the focus. New research on power, methane and other power agricultural machinery products, automatic driving agricultural machinery technology, and precision agricultural technology and equipment are all highly valued. In order to adapt to the needs of Agriculture 4.0, the pace of industrialization of smart agricultural machinery has accelerated significantly. They are working on the concept of “precision agriculture and smart agricultural machinery systems”, database establishment, and cultivation of Internet farms. In 2013, Fent Company released "Fuse® Technologie, an integrated solution for precision agriculture." Fuse is AGCO's new generation of precision farming methods, covering everything from enterprise planning to planting, plant protection, harvesting and grain storage throughout the crop cycle, increasing productivity and profitability. ability. Fendt Efficient Technology does more with fewer resources and helps farmers integrate farm assets to achieve higher yields, less cost, and greater profits. Fendt MARS project to research small corn planting robots. Agricultural robots are characterized by light weight, energy saving, high flexibility, and cloud control. They are operated through the application on the tablet PC. The operator manages a team of MARS robots outside the field to complete the operations such as corn sowing. Desire. Intelligent agricultural machinery needs to continuously improve the ergonomics development system, conduct detailed human-machine parameter testing, and achieve good interaction based on user needs.

  Big tractor sales increase 10% in the next three years

  Since 2014, the international agricultural machinery market has continuously declined. In 2015, the sales of major companies such as John Deere, Case New Holland, Aike, Kubota, etc. all decreased by about 20%, and the sales of big tractors at the Fent factory also fell seriously. This year, Fent’s new business goal is to achieve an annual sales of 20,000 large tractors in 2020, an average annual increase of 10%, which is challenging. With the decline of international food prices, the reduction of farmers’ income, and the fact that the major markets are still in a downturn, why is Fantec's market forecast so optimistic? They introduced the first judgment on the market. European agricultural factory production and precision agriculture will develop in the coming years. Accelerate the need for more advanced large tractors to provide support. After a few years of downturn, professional farmers have a strong desire to replace agricultural machinery, which will bring about the growth of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment. The second is good policy. Three consecutive years of declining agricultural machinery since 2014 have caused some political reasons besides climate. For example, trade frictions between Russia and the EU have affected the export of large-scale agricultural machinery and used agricultural machinery in Europe. Now Russia's market environment is getting better and the demand is larger. France and other European countries are also implementing stimulus policies to stimulate domestic demand, which is conducive to the recovery of the agricultural machinery market. The third comes from the self-confidence of companies and brands. They believe that because they have advanced technology and the best products, they have a competitive advantage.

  Learning new experiences

  Customization of production and services has become a powerful means of competition. AGCO's diesel engines, tractors and harvesters achieved product production based on customer definitions. Valmet implements a "customized brand strategy", users can customize the tractor to meet their own personalized requirements through the electronic order system, for some special needs, Valmet also provides "unlimited configuration." For example, they provided nine colors of hoods based on customer requirements. In addition to the tractor's color customization, diesel engines, front mounted navigation systems, rim tires, front loading, front suspension interfaces, and more can be customized. In order to ensure customized production, there are many changes in processes and processes. For example, product design adopts standardization and modularization, a basic platform that can be combined into different brands of products. With a custom configuration of the production method, there are seven custom assembly areas after the Fent tractor standard product is tested offline, with non-standard configurations installed. Product serialization has long been the standard for several plants. For example, the Masai Ferguson factory tractor has four series of 21 models.

  Product manufacturing consistency is a manifestation of corporate management capabilities. AGCO implements a quality gate control system. The first is to establish a production management system that will never allow bad products to flow down the process. Fent tractor assembly line has five quality doors. After Valmet's tractor is off the assembly line, there are four quality doors in the final test bench. After completing one-hour tests on 500-800 items, they are waxed and put into storage. Valmet's gearbox assembly line has seven quality doors. They are convinced that high quality products are achieved through repeated inspections and effective control.

  Lean production methods are vigorously promoted. Advanced companies have developed their own systems based on the company's culture and system for the implementation and implementation of lean production. AGCO's "production system APS", "John Deere's quality production system JD-QPS", "Case New Holland's world-class manufacturing system WCM." The purpose of the lean production method is to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost by optimizing the layout, processes, methods, and the use of materials and standards, striving to create first-class manufacturing and enterprise work. ARKCO's APS system is characterized by team building, Kanban management, no warehouse distribution, continuous improvement, etc. The production team management in the team construction is reflected in the continuous improvement of quality, safety, and work efficiency.

  The level of intelligent manufacturing continues to increase. A large number of automated equipment are used to ensure the consistency of the parts manufacturing process. The modular manufacturing units are automatically linked together, combined with their material transfer systems, reducing human factors to very low conditions.

  Fent invested $300 million in technical reforms in 2012. It uses automotive technology as a model, applies information technology, enhances the company's flexible manufacturing capabilities, satisfies the rapid response to the market, reduces labor, and increases production capacity by 20%. It has built the most modern tractors. Manufacturing factory.

  Automatic guided vehicles AGV is becoming more and more popular. Finter AG began to equip AGV in 2012. The final assembly consists of 27 AGVs on the front line and 24 AGVs on the rear line. Each station has a removable MES system terminal display to indicate the assembly process, loading information, and material information. Auto-guided vehicles are also widely used in logistics distribution, testing and test transmission.

  In order to adapt to rapid market changes, "flexible manufacturing" has become the only choice. Fender's seven-horsepower tractor line collinear flexible production line, Valmet 80-150 horsepower tractor collinear flexible production, production cycle and process can be adjusted in time to meet market demand.

  Robots become the main means of production. In these factories welding robots, loading and unloading, and material distribution robots abound. Aike Power Engine crankshaft assembly and other widely used mechanical work. The coating lines of the Masai Ferguson and Fintech factories have a robot finish of 80-90%. Painters wear helmet-mounted smart glasses and use virtual reality programming to operate robotic touch-ups. The greatest value of this program is to help improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of manufacturing. In the course of the operation, employees fully implement the easy-to-read instructions and lists of “free hands”.

  Modern factories pay more attention to the role of employees and grassroots management organizations. AGCO has been engaged in the professional manufacturing of industrial workers for more than 20 years and has become the most central force in the manufacturing system. The construction of the squadrons has made a lot of progress here. The round-table conference class gardens are distributed in different areas of the factory and become an important form for workers to exchange information, put forward rationalization opinions, and participate in factory management. Pay attention to and play the role of team leader. Formulate team leader standards, encourage workers to participate in management, and workers will be rewarded when rationalization proposals are adopted. Workers are highly motivated to make rationalization proposals. Each operating worker has a key indicator (KPI), which is displayed on a dedicated area in the workshop. The indicators are improved year by year and continuously improved.

  See Yin Siqi, China's agricultural machinery has a long way to go.

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