He once reported to Wang Yang about the growth of wheat, and he now chooses Zhongnong Fengmao to make a fortune.





  He once reported to Wang Yang about the growth of wheat. Now he chooses “Farming in Zhongnong” to make a fortune.

  Dongdong Dang

  He is the chairman of a cooperative, and he is also the boss of a farm clothing company. He once represented Wang Yang as Deputy to the Deputy Prime Minister Wang Yang. He called Liu Hebin.

  In mid-November, when the winter wheat was sprayed with herbicides in Hebei, the reporter went to Nan Liu Village, Meihua Town, Yucheng Town, Shijiazhuang to understand the operation. At the job site, on a green wheat field, I saw 10 yellow sprayers working. It is beautiful to look far. This is a demonstration project of the high-yield and high-efficiency creation of wheat in the Ministry of Agriculture. The reporters at the scene saw Wang Zhihui, Director of the Yicheng City Agricultural Machinery Bureau, who was looking at plant protection operations. Liu Hebin was also at the scene.

  Director Wang introduced that this project is a demonstration project organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and implemented in 11 counties and cities in Hebei Province. The main purpose of the project is to realize water saving, fertilizer saving, and medicine saving through unified defense. aims. "To achieve the above three goals, we must adopt unified defense to prevent one household from operating in a decentralized manner. Through professional and technical personnel, we must control pest and disease trends, seize the opportunity, and use scientific formulas to rationally use medicine. One of the final spraying tools plays an important role in it!” said Director Wang.

  Talking about the current situation of plant protection machinery, Director Wang talked about his own opinion. He said that he is very familiar with Zhongfeng Fengmao because he is an old friend! As early as when Zhongnong Fengmao or Beijing Fengmao, he took charge of purchasing a batch of three-wheel self-propelled sprayers produced by Beijing Fengmao. Now these machines are also used in local spraying and prevention work! When the reporter asked which year it was, Director Wang said without hesitation: "2008!"

  The busiest spot was Liu Hebin. His Shijiazhuang Yining Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the successful companies in the subproject. Speaking of Liu Hebin, a local celebrity! At this year's National Wheat Field Management Conference at the Yucheng Sub-meeting, he received as a representative Deputy Prime Minister Wang Yang personally.

  Face to face with Liu Hebin, the journalist and the officials are the same, the most concerned is the effectiveness of the machine's application and operating efficiency. Liu Hebin replied that the effects of pesticide application are still not visible, and they need to be opened next spring to see the outcome. But if you say that the machine's spray effect, he is very satisfied.

  Talking about the efficiency of the machine, Liu Hebin is very expert. "This machine is not small, but it is very efficient. A single station can work 500 mu per day," he explained further. "Unlike other agricultural operations, we have to use herbicides that have temperature requirements and generally have to wait until the sun rises." It's time for dew to start fighting drugs."

  Of course, the high efficiency of the machine is ensured by the team's efficiency. The reporter learned that in order to complete the 30,000-mu spraying mission, Liu Hebin specifically set up a professional team with comprehensive and reasonable division of labor, dispatchers, guides, pumpers, dispensers, and sprayers. He connected several elements through walkie-talkies. . The reporter saw that on-site assignments were seamless, seamless and in perfect order.

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  The reporter can not help but wonder why, in a demonstration project of the Ministry of Agriculture, why did the winning company and another Tierine Lions company win the tender of the 3WPZ-700 sprayer with the same brand of 10 Zhongfeng Fengmao? And come? Liu Hebin said there are three reasons:

  First, trust Zhongfeng Fengmao's brand. I have been engaged in agricultural machinery work for nearly 20 years. I have come into contact with a large number of farm machinery types and brands. I am very knowledgeable about Zhongfeng Fengmao. In 2008, I bought several of the most advanced three rounds of plant protection fighters produced by Beijing Fengmao at the time. The performance and quality are very confident.

  Second, Zhongnan Fengmao’s service is good. Previously, other brands of plant protection machinery were purchased, but the service has not been able to keep up, and the gap has come out. In this assignment, Nong Fengmao sent two professional technicians. Although the machine hasn’t had any problems, he and she are on their own! Not afraid of problems!

  Third, there is a government recommendation. Zhongnong Fengmao has a very good reputation in the government and has a high degree of credibility. It is the government's preferred cooperative plant protection company. This point also coincided with the introduction of Director Wang.

  Liu Hebin is undoubtedly a representative of a new type of agricultural operator. The reporter is also very interested in his cooperatives and agricultural clothing companies. Liu Hebin said that he is the chairman of a cooperative, which consists of 11 entities, more than 20,000 mu of land transferred, and more than 20 sets of machinery and agricultural machinery such as tractors and harvesters. In addition, Liu Hebin also registered and established Shijiazhuang Yining Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in agricultural services and completes the work of farming cooperatives and cooperatives. He also uses local channels such as WeChat Group to pick up the local and surrounding areas of the city.

  Now it is a general trend to grow food from "excellent" to "green". “People are now increasingly accepting plant protection and fighting drugs, plant protection activities are more and more, I have received several bookings this year to open the spring of next year's live, according to this situation, these machines will return to this in the first year!” Liu Hebin said with deep understanding.