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It can provide suitable and reasonable plant protection solutions for large growers, family farms, agricultural machinery cooperatives and large farms. At the same time, Zhongnong Fengmao is also a supplier of mechanization solutions for orchards and a service provider for agricultural and forestry plant protection.


Self-Propelled Sprayer Series

Key words:

Zhongnong Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery

  1. Full hydraulic walking, steering, and labor-saving operation; large steering angle, minimum operating radius of 3.5 meters (inside), and flexible turning in narrow areas.
  2. The front axle swings, which can be unobstructed in rough fields.
  3. Imported nozzles, atomize evenly, reduce the amount of pesticides used, and reduce pesticide residues. The nozzles with three nozzle bodies are equipped with three different nozzles at the same time, which can adapt to a variety of agronomic spraying requirements.
  4. Equipped with variable spray control system, real-time display of parameters such as operating speed, working pressure, application rate per unit area, and operating area; accurate spraying of pesticides can be carried out according to the set application rate per unit area.
  5. Equipped with air conditioning, driving is easy and comfortable.
  6. Imported diaphragm pump with stable flow and long service life.
  7. The mixing adopts jet agitation combined with backwater agitation to ensure that the liquid is stirred evenly.
  8. The perfect electro-hydraulic combined control technology can complete the expansion, folding, lifting, lowering, left-right balance and spray switch of the boom in the cab, and one person can complete all the operation requirements.
  9. 1600-2200mm wheel base adjustment range, can adapt to different crop planting patterns.


Technical Parameter:

  1. Main tank volume: 1300L;
  2. Diaphragm pump flow: 126-132L/min;
  3. Engine power: 44.1KW/2300rpm;
  4. Working pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa;
  5. Stirring method: backwater stirring + jet stirring;
  6. Filter system: three-stage (Main tank mouth, front of the pump, at the nozzle);
  7. Drive type: hydrostatic two-wheel drive, inorganic speed change, two forward gears and one reverse gear;
  8. Steering type: two-wheel steering;
  9. Travel brake type: hydrostatic brake
  10. Parking brake: mechanical brake
  11. Dimensions: 5250mmX2740mmX3200mm
  12. Boom length: 15.5m;
  13. Minimum ground clearance: 0.95m;
  14. Boom folding and lifting mode: hydraulic lifting and folding;
  15. Wheelbase: 2280mm;
  16. Wheel base: 1600mm-2200mm adjustable;
  17. Front tires: high-profile pneumatic rubber tires, with an outer diameter of 995mm and a tire width of 210mm;
  18. Rear tires: high-profile pneumatic rubber tires, with an outer diameter of 1250mm and a tire width of 240mm;
  19. Cab: fully enclosed cab with air conditioning

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