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It can provide suitable and reasonable plant protection solutions for large growers, family farms, agricultural machinery cooperatives and large farms. At the same time, Zhongnong Fengmao is also a supplier of mechanization solutions for orchards and a service provider for agricultural and forestry plant protection.


Air-Blast Sprayer Series

Key words:

Zhongnong Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery



1. The integrated design of main tank, cleaning tank and hand washing tank is compact and beautiful in appearance.
2. Traction type, large main tank, high efficiency; small matching requirements for tractor power.
3. Equipped with a cleaning tank, which is convenient for cleaning the pipeline after spraying.
4. Equipped with a hand washing tank, which is convenient for users to wash their hands with clean water when working in the field.
5. Double jet stirring, fast stirring speed and uniform stirring.
6. Imported diaphragm pump, high pressure, long life and stable flow.
7. The imported fan and the air outlet designed by the Venturi principle have large air volume and long range.
8. Imported nozzles, each nozzle has the same flow rate and long service life.
9. Long range, 40 meters horizontally and 30 meters vertically, it can be widely used for spraying chemical herbicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers on field crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, etc., and preventing locusts in pastures. It can also be used in orchards and roads. Pest control of nearby trees.
10. The spout can be rotated 180° horizontally and 80° vertically, which is convenient for operation.
11. The drive shaft adopts a wide-angle drive shaft, which can adapt to large-angle turns.

Technical parameter:


1. Main tank volume: 2000L;
2. Cleaning tank volume: 200L;
3. The volume of the hand washing tank: 17L;
4. Working pressure: 0.5-1.0MPa;
5. Maximum pressure of diaphragm pump: 4.0MPa;
6. Diaphragm pump flow: 93.5-97L/min;
7. Number of nozzles: 14 (11 remote nozzles, 3 short-range nozzles);
8. Stirring method: backwater stirring + jet stirring;
9. Range: horizontal 40m, vertical 30m;
11. Fan calibration speed: 4000r/min;
12. Fan impeller diameter: 500mm;
13. Fan type: centrifugal;
14. Air volume: 15100m3/h;
15. The wind speed of the air outlet: 70-76m/s;
16. Wheel base: 1350-1950mm;
17. Ground clearance: 550mm;
18. Tire outer diameter: 1250mm, tire width: 240mm;
19. Dimensions: 4000mm×1770mm×2590mm;
20. Matching tractor PTO speed: 540rpm.


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