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3WCY-500 Vehicle Air-blast Remote Control Sprayer

It can provide suitable and reasonable plant protection solutions for large growers, family farms, agricultural machinery cooperatives and large farms. At the same time, Zhongnong Fengmao is also a supplier of mechanization solutions for orchards and a service provider for agricultural and forestry plant protection.


Air-Blast Sprayer Series

Key words:

Zhongnong Fengmao Plant Protection Machinery

1. Long range, wide coverage, excellent work efficiency, quick spray speed, strong penetrating power, and exceptional control impact 
2. The supporting power can be provided by a 380V power source or a generator set. 
3. For one-time molding, the air inlet collector uses an arc-shaped mold. The air loss is reduced and can be ignored using the optimal arc radius to diameter ratio, resulting in a uniform flow velocity field. 
4. To effectively reduce aerodynamic noise, the tail uses sinusoidal sawtooth guiding vanes. 
5. The entire inner cylinder is designed with a streamlined design to uniformly accelerate the gas. 
6. The fan blades are composed of aluminum alloy casting technology, have an aviation airfoil design, have limited aerodynamic performance and performance under changeable conditions, and have a good ability to match airflow.
7. Air inlet loss coefficient is low with curved air inlet design (professional mold processing). 
8. Shock wave suppression, improved static pressure efficiency, and advanced diversion design and fabrication. 
9. The spacious flapper's design efficiently reduces wind and fog emission and attenuation. 
10. The cone and straight tube's golden ratio design assures the maximum static pressure conversion efficiency. 
11. A consistent acceleration field is ensured by the drip-shaped core barrel design.

Product features:


Scope of application:

1. Pest control of tall trees on both sides of the road, such as protective forests, field net protection forests, fast-growing wood poplar forests, economic forests, and

green trees ,motorways, city road trees, and so on. 
2. Rapid elimination of locusts and management of agricultural and forested pests and illnesses over wide areas. 
3. In vast outdoor areas such as urban greening, rubbish dumps, and enormous stadiums, sterilization and deworming are required.


Technical features:

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1. Technical parameters:   1) The structure of the whole machine: door frame structure,   2) Main beam ground clearance: 2400mm;   3) The volume of the Main tank: 500 liters × 2, distributed on both sides of the whole machine, and the overall use of engineering plastics rotational molding process;   4) Stirring method: backwater stirring + jet stirring;   5) Filter system: three-stage (Main tank mouth, front of the pump, at the nozzle);   6) The maximum operating speed is 9km/h,   7) The maximum transport speed is 18km/h;   8) Fuel tank volume: 70L;   9) Wheel base adjustable range: 2050-2650mm;   10) Engine rated power: 65/2600kW/rpm;   11) Full hydraulic stepless speed change, the number of forward gears is 2, and the number of reverse gears is 1;   12) Hydrostatic four-wheel drive;   13) Full hydraulic steering system;   14) Hydraulic service brake, mechanical parking brake;   15) Diaphragm pump   16) Pump type: 3-diaphragm diaphragm pump;   17) Liquid pump flow: 126-132L/min   18) The minimum distance between the nozzle and the ground: 400mm;   19) Configure variable spray control system   20) Real-time display of parameters such as operating speed, working pressure, application amount per unit area, and operating area;   21) Accurate spraying of pesticides can be carried out according to the set application rate per unit area;   22) Dimensions: 7200mm×2740mm×3400mm (13.5m)   7700mm×2740mm×3400mm (15.5m)   23) Boom length: 13.5/15.5m;   24) Boom height adjustment range: 400mm-3300mm;   25) Nozzle spacing: 500mm;   26) Configure three nozzle body nozzles   i. Install 110° fan-shaped No. 11002, No. 11003 and No. 11004 nozzles respectively;   27) Cab lifting range: 750mm-2400mm.   28) Minimum inside turning radius: 3.9 meters   29) Hydraulic tank capacity: 110L.   30) Wheelbase: 2.82m;   31) Front tire: high-profile pneumatic rubber tire, outer diameter: 995mm, tire width: 210mm;   32) Rear tire: high-profile pneumatic rubber tire, outer diameter: 1250mm, tire width: 240mm; 2. Product Features:   1) Full hydraulic walking, steering, and labor-saving operation; large steering angle, minimum operating radius of 3.9 meters (inside), and flexible turning in narrow areas.   2) Two-wheel or four-wheel drive can be selected according to user needs, equipped with rear wheel shock absorption and front axle swing, which can be unobstructed in rough fields.   3) With a super high ground clearance of 2400mm, it better adapts to the needs of China's special and complex planting patterns.   4) The door frame structure is adopted as a whole, and only two rows pass through the crops during operation, which reduces the requirement for the row spacing of the crops; the central axis of the tire of the passing structure is only 370mm, which has good passability and can adapt to crops with small row spacing.   5) Imported nozzles, atomize evenly, reduce the amount of pesticides used, and reduce pesticide residues. The nozzles with three nozzle bodies are equipped with three different nozzles at the same time, which can adapt to a variety of agronomic spraying requirements.   6) Equipped with variable spray control system, real-time display of parameters such as operating speed, working pressure, application rate per unit area, and operating area; accurate spraying of pesticides can be performed according to the set application rate per unit area;   7) Imported diaphragm pump with stable flow and long service life.   8) The mixing adopts jet agitation combined with backwater agitation to ensure that the liquid is stirred evenly.   9) The perfect electro-hydraulic combined control technology can complete the deployment, folding, lifting, lowering, left-right balance and spray switch of the boom in the cab, and one person can complete all the operation requirements.   10) Wide range of wheelbase adjustment (Xinjiang model 1950-2550mm, Mainland model 2050-2650mm), which can adapt to different crop planting patterns.

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