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Technical Parameter:

  1. Medicine box volume: 700L;
  2. Diaphragm pump flow: 65.5-70.5L/min;
  3. Engine power: 36.8KW/2400rpm;
  4. Working pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa;
  5. Stirring method: backwater stirring + jet stirring;
  6. Drive type: four-wheel drive
  7. Steering type: four-wheel steering;
  8. Dimensions: 4680mm×1900mm×2450mm (11m)
  9. 6100mm×2300mm×2450mm (14m)
  10. Boom length: 11m/14m;
  11. Boom lift range: 500-1680mm;
  12. Minimum ground clearance: 0.95m;
  13. Boom folding and lifting mode: hydraulic lifting, folding;
  14. Wheelbase: 2320mm;
  15. The maximum track of front and rear wheels: 1520mm;
  16. Front and rear tires: high-profile pneumatic rubber tires;
  17. Outer diameter of front and rear wheels: 930mm; tire width: 120mm;
  18. Filter system: three-stage (the mouth of the medicine box, before the pump, at the nozzle).


  1. High ground clearance: the minimum ground clearance is 950mm, and the field passability is excellent;
  2. Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering: four-wheel drive with differential lock, two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering functions, easy conversion, small turning radius; four-wheel drive, with differential lock, two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering functions, easy conversion, small turning radius; 
  3. nozzle and boom: The boom is constructed of aluminum alloy light material, which is light in weight and strong; the imported nozzle has uniform atomization, decreasing pesticide usage and residues; and a hydraulic system controls the boom's extension, folding, and lifting. Within a range of 500mm-1600mm, the rod height can be adjusted and decreased. 
  4. Power: The 50-horsepower National III engine is used, and it has enough power.
  5. Liquid tank: 700L large-capacity liquid tank with one-time dosing, longer run time, and great efficiency. The liquid medication tank is constructed of high-quality engineering polymers with consistent wall thickness and strong strength.
  6. Diaphragm pump: imported diaphragm pump with consistent flow and a long life span. 
  7. Jet agitation: the liquid medicine is more consistent and the spraying effect is better with jet agitation.
  8. One machine, numerous uses: an optional fertilization device can increase the machine's usage rate, allowing it to be utilized for multiple purposes.






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