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3WCFY-500 Vehicle Air-blast Remote Control Sprayer

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1. Long range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, fast spray speed, strong penetrating power, and remarkable control effect.
2. The supporting power is flexible, either 380V power supply or generator set can be used.
3. The air inlet collector adopts an arc-shaped mold for one-time molding design. According to the best arc radius to diameter ratio, the air loss is minimized and can e ignored, creating a uniform flow velocity field.
4. The tail adopts sinusoidal sawtooth guide vanes to effectively reduce aerodynamic noise.
5. The entire inner cylinder adopts a streamlined design to effectively accelerate the gas uniformly.
6. The fan blades are made of aluminum alloy casting technology, aeroplane airfoil design, limited aerodynamic performance and performance under variable conditions, strong airflow matching ability, and minimal aerodynamicloss.
7. Curved air inlet design (professional mold processing) has a small air inlet loss coefficient.
8. Advanced diversion design and manufacture, shock wave suppression, improve static pressure efficiency.
9. The design of the expansive flapper effectively suppresses the emission and attenuation of wind and fog.
10. The golden ratio design of cone and straight tube ensures the highest static pressure conversion efficiency.
11. The drip-shaped core barrel design ensures a uniform acceleration field.

Product features:


Scope of application:

1. Pest control of tall trees such as protective forests, field net protection forests, fast-growing wood poplar forests, economic forests, green trees on both sides of

highways, urban road trees, etc.
2. Rapid eradication of locusts and control of large areas of agricultural and for-forest pests and diseases.
3. Sterilization and deworming in large outdoor areas such as urban greening, garbage dumps and large stadiums.


Technical features:

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