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  1. Easy to disassemble and install;
  2. Only one person is required to operate the operation, saving manpower; and operating in the riding state can reduce operation fatigue;
  3. Spra.y the liquid in front, and the operator can check the spraying situation while working, which can reduce the damage to the crops;
  4. The machine has a large ground clearance, which can meet the spraying operations in the middle and late stages of crop growth;
  5. In the riding state, the height of the boom can be adjusted by adjusting the screw to meet the growth height of different crops;
  6. The extension of the spray boom can be controlled by the electric opening and closing switch device;
  7. The use of shunt liquid stirring method, no sediment left in the Main tank;
  8. Spray the liquid medicine under the cab to reduce the harm to the human body.

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