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  1. The product is suitable for the application of rice, cotton, wheat and other water and dry crops during the growth process, and can also be used for the application of high-stalk crops such as corn in the early stage of growth;
  2. Using the "mechanical + hydraulic drive" drive mode, the whole machine has strong power, and the climbing ability can reach 45%;
  3. Rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive can be switched, equipped with a mechanical differential lock device, which can realize anti-skid control of the chassis;
  4. The structure of the whole machine is compact, the weight configuration of the front and rear axles is reasonable; the performance is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low;
  5. The variable spraying system is adopted to ensure that the application rate per unit area is not affected by the speed change, and precise spraying can be achieved, with good control effect and high pesticide utilization rate;
  6. The height adjustment range of the spray boom is large: 700mm-2600mm, and the optimum spraying height can be determined according to the height of the crops in different growth periods;
  7. Easy to operate and comfortable to drive.



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