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1. 3WFQ-2000D traction type air-supplied fruit forest sprayer is used together with tractors above 60 horsepower (with more than one set of hydraulic output).

2. It is mainly suitable for spraying grapes and other fruit crops with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, crop growth regulators and liquid fertilizers.

3. Strong penetrability, small mist droplets, uniform spraying, simple structure of equipment, convenient operation and maintenance, and convenient and quick connection with the rear suspension of the tractor.

4. The diaphragm pump is imported high-quality diaphragm pump, with stable flow, high pressure, long service life, and short-term dehydration operation.

5. The medicine box is made of polyethylene plastic, which has strong rigidity and is resistant to pesticide corrosion. The whole machine adopts a three-stage filtration system, which can prevent sundries from entering the nozzle and ensure the spray quality.

6. The spraying system adopts imported high-quality products, which have good atomization performance and wear resistance. Its anti-drip device ensures that the liquid will not drip after the spray is stopped, so as to avoid the occurrence of phytotoxicity.


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