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3WBD-18 Knapsack Electric Sprayer

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1. Save money: cheap and easy to maintain.

2. Labor saving: one person, one machine, effective spraying width of 4.0 meters, 60 Chinese mu of pesticides can be

applied in one day.

3. Labor saving: the net weight of the machine is 6.9kg, and

the capacity of the medicine box is 18L.

4. Efficacy: The mist particles are fine and uniform, and the

efficacy is increased by 30%.

5. Safety: Knapsack sprayer, the nozzle is located behind, so

people do not touch the liquid, the safety is guaranteed.

Scope of application: rice, wheat, cotton, tea, tobacco,

vegetables, sugar cane, corn, etc.

Technical parameter:


1. Working pressure: 0.2-0.6Mpa
2. Nominal battery voltage: 12V
3. Battery capacity: 8Ah
4. Net weight of the whole machine: 6.9kg
5. Number of nozzles: 4
6. Spray width: 3.5m
7. Continuous working time when fully charged: about 4.5h

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